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Jiangsu Green Insurance All Aluminum Furniture Co., Ltd.
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◆Professional sales training team

Lvbao all-aluminum furniture is engaged in product sales training operations through a professional sales team and training team. The training team undertakes the professional product knowledge training and terminal shopping guide training tasks for the dealers; the sales team undertakes the functions of dealer dealership training, assisting dealer market development, large-scale project public relations, etc., in order to provide dealer friends with 360° full housekeeping service.

◆Store design team of professional

Lvbao All-aluminum furniture is designed with a team of professional designers to provide the largest passenger flow and business transactions with the best brand and product image, helping you to plug in the wings of profit.

◆Professional planning team

Lvbao  All-aluminum furniture has a professional planning team with rich practical experience, providing professional solutions for the brand image and terminal brand promotion of the store, and providing on-site personnel to implement support in key areas.

◆Customer service team

Lvbao  All-aluminum furniture after-sales service team full-time logistics work, in addition to daily affairs, more specifically set up after-sales personnel to return visits, follow-up, to ensure the progress of each single, each project.

Lvbao  All-aluminum furniture brings top-level butler-style services to customers with the strategy of “full service + full sales”. Through the linkage of various links, we build a comprehensive and fast service mechanism. Our team is ready to go.