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Advantages of all-aluminum furniture

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Advantages of all-aluminum furniture

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What are the advantages of the all-aluminum family? For children, will it have a big impact? This is a must.
Children are the hope of a family, parents want to do everything they can to give their children the best. As the child grows up, parents will prepare a room for the baby to belong to the child. Carefully prepare children's beds, small wardrobes, desks, etc., to create a world of their own
Most are wooden furniture. We have all heard a sentence: "There must be aldehydes in the glue, no aldehydes, no benzene, no benzene, no benzene." And wooden furniture can not avoid glue and paint. The formaldehyde produced by this kind of furniture is surrounded by children. Formaldehyde has great harm to the growth and development of children. The most serious form of formaldehyde poisoning is septicemia. With a good body to have a good future, don't let formaldehyde harm the baby. In recent years, the rise of all-aluminum furniture is precisely because of its environmental health and zero formaldehyde, and the customization of all-aluminum furniture is to find Kunming Iowa. All aluminum bathroom
The construction and home industry has always been made of traditional wood. Even the furniture that we usually contact with is mostly made of artificial boards. These materials not only waste trees, but more importantly, the chemical components added to the materials pollute the air environment and the human body. The damage can't be avoided.
Especially the danger of formaldehyde. The release cycle of formaldehyde is 15-20 years. Many consumers think that they can stay in the air for half a year after renovation. In fact, this is just a self-comfort. When family members are affected by leukemia, it is too late.
All aluminum furniture has the advantages of environmental protection, waterproof and fireproof, insect and mothproof, impact resistance, no odor, no deformation, easy cleaning, strong edge sealing and good durability. The traditional furniture assembly is slow, many processes, time-consuming, and Odor, unhealthy, injured, large engineering, low income
The aluminum alloy profile furniture is easy to process and recycle, and it has no pollution and no waste. It is more and more popular among people. Compared with other materials, all aluminum furniture has high technology content, low resource consumption and less environmental pollution. The “green” transformation of the furniture industry.

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