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Advantages of Suzhou all-aluminum furniture

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Advantages of Suzhou all-aluminum furniture

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The sampling result of building decoration and building materials in 2017. A total of 18 kinds of products such as wood furniture, soft furniture, wood board, wood-based board, laminate flooring and solid wood floor were sampled. From the results of the sampling, the environmental protection is not up to standard, which is still the main problem.
Among the products for the decoration and decoration of building materials, the amount of formaldehyde emission exceeded the main categories of soft furniture, wood furniture, wood board, wood-based panels, adhesives and so on. Among them, the problem of formaldehyde emission exceeding the standard of furniture is the most serious. Among the 23 sets of soft furniture samples, 15 sets exceeded the standard, accounting for 65.2%. Of the 87 sets of wooden furniture samples, 27 sets exceeded the standard, accounting for 31%; and the plate type, 65 sets of woodboard samples were 28 The group exceeded the standard, accounting for 43.1%, and 36 of the 180 sets of artificial board samples exceeded the standard, accounting for 20%. 20 groups of 100 samples of adhesive exceeded the standard, accounting for 20%. The safety of furniture is still serious. Due to the health problems, Aiweiwei Kunming All Aluminum Furniture Co., Ltd. has withdrawn from Kunming all-aluminum furniture, Kunming all-aluminum cabinets. Kunming all-aluminum laundry cabinet, Kunming all-aluminum bookcase customization, Kunming all-aluminum furniture customization and other products. All aluminum furniture investment
Because of these potential problems, consumers finally chose “all-aluminum furniture”. With the development of Kunming all-aluminum furniture profiles, the market has always understood the building materials of all-aluminum furniture profiles. Some consumers have chosen Kunming all-aluminum furniture profiles, which are worthy of these advantages of Kunming all-aluminum furniture profiles:
First: the decoration process is simple
Indoor use of Kunming all-aluminum furniture, from raw materials (aluminum profiles) to finished products, only need to be cut according to the size of the splicing, other materials are basically not needed. There is no need for post-painting!
Second: labor cost reduction
Kunming all-aluminum furniture can be done only by woodworking, which can be completed within 5 days, greatly reducing labor costs.
Third: perfect product performance
Kunming all-aluminum furniture profiles have unparalleled advantages of other similar decoration materials, combining environmental protection, fashion, simplicity, sound insulation, heat insulation, moisture resistance, scratch resistance, flame retardant and so on.
Fourth: more contrast for other decoration products
Kunming all-aluminum furniture profiles completely solved the phenomenon that the cabinet is easy to rot, unable to prevent moisture, difficult to clean, and not resistant to scratching. Compared with paint, it breaks through the higher environmental protection concept and the pre-renovation process.
Fifth: more cost-effective
The price of Kunming all-aluminum furniture is higher than that of similar furniture decoration materials. However, the actual operation will be completely different. All aluminum furniture can be directly spliced with materials, no need to do paint surface treatment, and save a lot of cost.
Sixth: the product is more ideal to use
The use of the lock and fixed connection method completely solves the problems in the process of product removal and removal, and further improves the use function of the product.

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