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Why is there no formaldehyde hazard in all aluminum wardrobes?

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Why is there no formaldehyde hazard in all aluminum wardrobes?

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Why is there no formaldehyde hazard in all aluminum wardrobes?
Formaldehyde, which is an environmentally-friendly all-aluminum wardrobe product, because the original material of the all-aluminum wardrobe itself is a product of environmental protection and no crisis for the human body.
Since all aluminum profiles are made, in the process of production, what kind of processing, environmental quality inspection and other processes will be passed. After the practice, ensure the safety of the product quality and the quality acceptance criteria of the country before they can be sold and let the user Peace of mind, therefore, for all aluminum homes with formaldehyde, there are no toxins, there is no crisis and other abnormalities in the human body, there is no such thing, everyone should not believe in other rumors, may wish to use peace of mind, full of environmental protection, no crisis, is safe Aluminum wardrobe products.
Then, why do wooden wardrobes, PVC wardrobes, plastics and other wardrobes have excessive formaldehyde standards, and all aluminum wardrobes do not have? All aluminum wardrobes are a kind of environmentally friendly and healthy products because of their own materials, so there is no crisis for the human body. The main reason for the over-standard formaldehyde in the wardrobe is that the material itself has some persecution elements, and then it does not reach the safe quality production standard in the production process, which leads to the bad health of the human body, the pollution situation, etc.
Because all aluminum wardrobes have no formaldehyde, there is no crisis for the human body. Because many consumers currently use all-aluminum wardrobes on the other hand, on the other hand, the functions of all-aluminum wardrobes are getting better and better, such as moisture-proof, fireproof, durable and so on.

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