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All aluminum shoe cabinet

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All aluminum shoe cabinet

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Features of all-aluminum furniture:

First, the use of environmental protection

All aluminum furniture with aluminum alloy profile structure, absolutely 0 formaldehyde, are materials that can be recycled and reused.

Second, waterproof

All-aluminum furniture is made of all-aluminum alloy profiles. It is not afraid of water and is not afraid of moisture. It can be washed directly with water and cleaned, never rot. This feature is highlighted in all aluminum cabinets and bathroom cabinets.

Third, fire prevention

All-aluminum furniture has strong heat resistance, and tests have shown that it can withstand a temperature difference of 200 °C without damage. Even if the whole piece is placed on it, it will not damage its surface after burning for a long time, which overcomes the shortcomings of ordinary plates that cannot withstand burning.

This feature is mainly reflected in the cabinet wall cabinet and the all-aluminum platform.

Fourth, insect proof ants

All-aluminum furniture is hard and hard, not afraid of any pests, even if it is termites.

Five, impact resistance

The all-aluminum home has strong impact resistance. The experiment proves that it can withstand the test of 227g steel ball falling from 3m without damage, and the bending strength is up to 150Mpa. Used under normal conditions, it can be used for fifty years.

Six, no smell

All-aluminum furniture is made of aluminum alloy profiles and plastic steel connectors in a clean environment. The product has no odor.

Seven, no deformation

High-strength aluminum alloy profiles for all-aluminum furniture, which do not absorb moisture and have a small coefficient of thermal expansion, so they do not deform.

Eight, easy to clean

All-aluminum furniture can be cleaned with detergent and water.

Nine, the edge is firm

The aluminum structure of the all-aluminum furniture does not have the problem of degumming separation of the common panel door with adhesive or thermal composite edge sealing.

Ten, good durability

After the surface treatment of all-aluminum furniture, such as deep oxidation and spraying, it meets the quality requirements of outdoor curtain wall, and the surface hardness is more than 10 degrees Celsius, ensuring that the product is durable for several decades.

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